After the apprenticeship as a fine mechanic at the company Stoppani  in Bern I worked 13 years in the small business of  H.Gutmann's Wwe in Ostermundigen.  There we developed, in close co-operation with engineers of different firms, devices and test apparatus. The machine park was old and there were many interesting problems, that could be solved with a CNC machine without large expense, to solve on conventional way.  In 1992, I took over the company from Mrs Gutmann.One year  later I could,  thanks to the help of  J.Binkert AG, acquire a modern automatic lathe to favorable conditions.  The banks were there less cooperative. With this machine, I was able to produce very precise turned parts into large series and hoped for myself larger regular orders. Unfortunately some of my customers proved as not solvent and I had to accept a large loss of debts. Federal businesses were privatized, other customers stopped its production or shifted abroad. So I had to close the business per the end of February 2000 for ever. I retained a small part of the machines and devices and operate the fine mechanics next to my job as a hobby.